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Why With Us

There are fewer qualified applicants than there are openings.

We understand the struggle and frustration that comes with recruiting qualified talent.

Finding the best talent for your team goes beyond matching skillsets.

We identify the best qualified contractors who also want to be part of your mission.

We have a proven process on acquiring and onboarding qualified talent quickly.  

Quick Delivery
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Our Contractor Support Services follows a regimented process beginning with developing a pipeline of candidates and continuing through dedicated on-site management. But its more than just a process, its also a whole lot of passion.


A resume doesn't walk in and perform the job duties, a person does.  We don't assume a candidate is a perfect match, just because the skill sets line up to the job requisition.


We take the time to not only find the most qualified candidates, but also the person who wants to be a contributing member of your team. 

We Will Come To You

USG1 makes every effort to use local talent in staff assignments in order to benefit the local economy. Currently, we are located conveniently in Eastern Pennsylvania, and will open a branch office near your agency location in order to serve you best.  

Qualified Candidates

For 21 years, USG1 has specialized in hunting purple squirrels.

Purple squirrel hunting is the process of finding and recruiting a candidate that fits a set of job requirements perfectly, especially in hot job markets.


We are constantly building a pipeline of candidates and finding creative ways to find and develop talent. But this pipeline is more than a database of names and resumes, they are relationships that we've built to best understand how our contractor skills and career goals will match your agency's talent gaps and needs.

Purple Squirrel

A Personal and Reliable Team

We are proud to say that in 21 years of operation, we have had a 100% customer satisfaction rating, 100% completed jobs, and

Zero Change Orders.    

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