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Our Story


When we started USG1 back in 2002, we wanted to create a firm where the cornerstone of its foundation was service first.


We continue to work every day to honor that commitment to be in service every day to what matters to us most, our clients. 


We create value for our customers by investing in talent and expertise to foster creative solutions, ethical standards, and a desire to support the mission.

We specialize in cybersecuritydata analytics, software development, and cloud migration, with competencies not only in delivering these services but also managing and staffing them.


USG1’s purpose is to provide our clients with the right tools and personnel to achieve their mission goals.

With every project we complete and every person we place, we continue to hone the knowledge and skills required to provide professional, reliable, cost effective support to our clients in meeting their mission objectives.


USG1 works with you to understand your goals, vision and values.

We take the time and interest to understand you and your environment. We recognize that your situation is unique and we build our solutions with that in mind. With strategic planning and a team of dedicated professionals, we deliver and execute the results that your organization requires.


Clients: USG1 is service ready and prepared to deliver cost effective and best value solutions to our clients.

Employees: USG1 finds the best talent and delivers a team where everyone is empowered to give their best selves for the greater good of the mission. Our team understands the mission and the mission is to serve the client.



USG1 is Professional, Dependable,
Experienced and Mission Driven 
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