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USG1's Mission Statement


USG1’s purpose is to execute and deliver your agency's mission.

With every project we complete and person we place within your agency, USG1 brings more than just knowledge and skills to the table. We are in service to protect and support your agency's goals.


USG1 learns your agency's goals and guides every action we take.

Our objective is to be dependable, reliable and worry-free to contractor so that you can concentrate on the greater mission at-hand.

Agency Clients

USG1 is service ready and prepared to deliver cost effective and best value solutions to you and your agency.


USG1 finds the best talent and delivers professional services where everyone is empowered to give their best selves for the greater good of the team and to our government clients. Our team understands the mission and the mission is to serve the agency.


USG1 promotes and provides a diverse workplace where differences are seen as opportunities to build something greater than could be made otherwise.


USG1 is committed to delivering a fair, honest, and legal working environment within our company, in our business relationships, and also for our government clients.

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