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Data Analytics

USG 1’s proven data management (DM) approach helps clients manage its data lifecycle from design to creation to use and retirement. Further, it prepares data for its next evolution, whether that’s dashboards, machine learning, and advanced algorithms to solve complicated problems or Big Data.

Our Data Management (DM/DG) Process:

  • Data Readiness

  • Data Quality

  • Data Governance

Please request our White Paper on our DM/DG process.


Our Solutions:

  • USG1 can help you with proprietary dashboard needs or implement any of the popular COTS options available today. We’ve helped clients with them all.

  • USG1's Professional Technology Services Team can also help you recruit and retain difficult to find data scientists for your advanced data needs, such as:​

    • Developing new algorithms

    • Big data

    • Machine learning

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