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Data Analytics

Advances in technology has led an enormous amount of data that is collected and stored. With so much data now available the question becomes how to use this data effectively for improved decision making. Analytics has now evolved beyond on-demand report generation and basic dashboards to Advanced Analytics that help government agencies to use this volume to find meaning patterns in data and to make better decisions. USG1 can help you evaluate which analytic disciplines are right for your organization as well as guide the implementation and provide on-going support both as a s service and supplemental staff to your team. 



USG1 Advanced Data Analytics delivers the best strategy for your agency’s unique situation. We help you move beyond descriptive analytics and into predictive analytics to optimize the upside potential that can help your agency make better decisions in service of the mission.

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ETL-Extract/Transformation/Loading: Automate the data which can be streamed in real -time (or) ingested in batches from multiple sources which enables timely access of data.

Data refining & Cleansing:

Combining data from various sources and removing redundancies improves data quality and relevancy.

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Standardization & Governance: Enables data accessibility and sharing of data throughout organization.

Data Quality:

For better decision making and planning.

What's included >

Descriptive, Predictive & Prescriptive Analytics:

Brings data intelligence to next level

Big Data:

Tools that help you find meaningful insights from large volumes of data



Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning: Discover new knowledge throughout the data.

Data Visualization:

Effectively communicate and provide awareness through visualizations of data.

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