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USG1 takes the time and interest to understand your organization and environment. We recognize that your situation is unique and we build our solutions with that in mind. With strategic planning and a team of dedicated professionals, we deliver and execute the results that your organization requires.

Deborah Appel 
Corporate Counsel



USG1 is grateful to all those who have advised us over the years and helped us become who we are today. As we move further into the federal marketplace, we are appreciative to have on our team the experience and expertise of our current strategic advisors, who are experts in understanding federal contracts and executing them to the highest standard.

Mike Rolecki
Strategic Advisor, Federal
Michele Robert
Strategic Advisor, Federal
Kevin P. Young
Strategic Advisor, Federal



Our Employees is what makes it all work. Behind every USG1 success are employees who dedicate themselves to meet the demands of excellence. Every employee has been carefully selected, not only for their talent and skills, but for their curiosity, desire to excel and for their drive in achieving the mission, together, as  team USG1. We wouldn't be where we are today without the contributions of our most important asset, our employees.

Sri Vadi


USG1 is Professional, Dependable, Experienced and Mission Driven 

Lara Zelnio
Vice President
Lou Lanzilotta
Business Development
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