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Beth Rosenberger, Recruiting

As Director of Recruiting, Ms. Rosenberger brings in over 14 years of direct recruiting experience with a wide variety of industries including, but not limited to, Engineering, Technology, Finance, Human Resources, and many others. 


Ms. Rosenberger leads Recruiting and Sourcing for USG1.  Ms. Rosenberger works closely with each client to understand their unique staffing needs and takes a methodical approach to candidate sourcing.  She believes in open, honest communication to ensure the success of each engagement.  She instills the same approach in her team at Halsen Solutions.  With her leadership and her team’s experience, Ms. Rosenberger is able to deliver the best candidates to her clients quickly.


Ms. Rosenberger is originally from the Philadelphia area, attended Rutgers University in New Jersey, and currently resides near Harrisburg, PA, with her family.

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